Animal Kingdom and Mai Tai interest you in a Zebra Dome……day 13

Yippee! It’s Animal Kingdom day. We’re taking our good friend Fay along with us….

We parked and rode in on the tram, walked throught the oasis and headed off to Asia to pick up fastpasses for Expedition Everest. Fastpasses in hand it was over the bridge to the new Finding Nemo stage show.

All I can say is, wow! The show is stunning. Extremely talented singers/puppeteers put on an amazing spectacular. Well done Disney. From the show we headed back and rode Everest. We rode this 2 years ago when it opened, but Natty didn’t like it then. fast forward to this year, when Space Mountain has become a favourite, and it was time to try again. She did not disappoint. Climbing up to the top of the ride, I was a little concerned that Space Mountain was a fluke, but no! She screamed with joy as the rollercoaster sped backwards being chased by the Yeti, in and out of the darkness! Yippeeeeee!

As we left the ride, Natty asked for more fastpasses, so we collected some more. We then went over and explored the Maharaja jungle trek, watching fruit bats and tigers. We then caught the Flight of Wonder show, which we all enjoyed very much. It was then time to ride Everest again, followed by Tough to Be a Bug. How weird, but Natty used to love this ride… she doesn’t like it one little bit! We lunched at Pizzafari, followed the Pangani Exploration Trail to see meerkats, monkeys, gorillas and for Natty to take part in some animal tracking activities. By this time, our fastpasses to the safari where open, so we joined our safari guide on the truck.

Will was concerned that the rain would mean that there would not be many animals about. How wrong could he be? It’s the best safari adventure we’ve ever had, and we’ve taken the journey so many times, even at silly o’clock in the morning…. Our favourite encounter was the baby giraffe, although we were thrilled to see 3 elephants having fun in the water, the mummy elephant pushing the baby in! The lions were up and about, which is amazing as they are usually laid down and hard to see.

By the time we came off the safari, it was raining pretty heavily, so we popped by the pin station so that Natty could pick up the completer pin to one of her hidden mickey sets, then we left to come back to the Beach Club. The rain was so bad, I called in to see the photographers to reschedule our session ~ we decided we’d rather have some photos taken when we could go outside without getting soaked!!!

We had a bit of a rest before getting ready for our trip to Boma. All neat and pretty (well not Will), we drove out to Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner at Boma. We arrived in plenty of time but they must have been very busy as we were seated quite late.  No problem though, it was worth the wait when our server came along. It was Paul! He’d taken care of us on at least a couple of occassions before ~ he is hilarious! What wit! I soon settled down to a scrumptious Mai Tai (again ~ I think I found my favourite adult beverage) and we tucked in to some seriously good African food. As you have probably already learnt from Wills blog, we took our time over Zebra Domes and coffee, and ‘table blocked’ so that Paul didn’t go home too late. It was lovely to be able to have a chat with Paul. If you are reading, thank you for making our trip to Boma even more enjoyable! We’ll try and get back.

Finally, we came back to our room, fell into bed and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..

Good night!

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