Puddle and push…..day 14 (what already?)

As David Rippberger had been so kind as to invite Natty back to paint with him, we headed over to MGM. We tried to get fastpasses to the new ride, Toy Story Mania but they were all gone already!!! Instead, we enjoyed a meeting with Prince Caspian and took the Narnia tour. It was then time to pop and see David in the Animation Studios. He seemed really pleased to see Natty, and after a bit of a chat she was in his seat at his light box! He explained to everyone watching that there were only 6 cel animators left in the company, but now there were 7. He then asked Natty to introduce herself….which she did ~ very quietly!

He then took out a fresh animation cel, which was just inked, and popped it on the light box. It was Dumbo. He took out the appropriate colour paint, a fresh brush, then let Natty begin her painting. Compared with the last time, she showed great improvement. David and Natty takked about the concept of ‘puddle and push’ ~ the painting technique that means that the paint strokes don’t show. After she’d given her demonstration, David completed a Magical Moments certificate for Natasha, we took photos and then I chose nmy new animation cel. It’s a fabulous black and white one, called Gala Premiere. It shows Mickey and Minnie (old style) arriving at a premiere, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (now back in the Dinsey fold) peeking out from the crowd!

We took the Animation Tour, met Sorcerer Mickey and then joined the Animation Academy for a lesson in how to draw Pooh Bear. Let’s just say, it’s a good job Will is good with technology!!!!!!!! After cakes and coffee (for me) we headed over to Epcot. Will dropped me off at the front of the park, so I coudl collect Soarin’ fastpasses, then we all met up at International Gateway once Will had parked the car at the Beach Club. Natty started her mask, completing the UK and Canada before our reservations at Coral Reef were up. Although we were seated a little late, it was worth the wait as we were seated right next to the huge aquarium. Fabulous. I must confess that I did feel slightly guilty eating Mahi Mahi whilst fish swam by……..but I soon forgot about that when I got to share Wills chocolate wave for dessert!

After dinner, we rode Ellens Universe of Energy, Spaceship Earth (again), Living with the Land and Soarin’. We collected our ‘extra magic hours’ wristbands, so we could still play after the park closed at 9pm, then popped over to the pin station for Natty to complete more of her hidden mickey sets. As we were in there, the torrential rain began. It had been such a nice day thus far. We hid under the pin station covering, watching crazy people running through the rain ~ there was a huge puddle developing just outside and the water must have been 8 or 10 inches deep, It was like flash flooding!

As the rain subsided, it was time for us to visit the Character Connection to meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Stitch. There are some fab photopass pictures to share.

Due to the rain, which had now stopped, the park was almost empty. We continued our clockwise tour of World Showcase through Mexico (and rode Gran Fiesta Tour with Donald Duck and the Three Caballeros), Norway (and rode Maelstrom), China (Natty remembered her ‘Ni Hou’ as she did her mask), Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco and France. I had been carried along by the promise of champagne but to no avail, the little champagne stall had closed when we got there…..boo! Never mind, Natty had completed her mask and was happy.

A short walk and we were back in the Beach Club and ready for bed.

Good night!

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