Sleep in, shopping and Aloha……day 15

A short blog today….as we didn’t get back until almost midnight last night, we slept in. This was followed by a shopping trip. I won’t elaborate on Will’s purchase of running attire (at least the shorts aren’t licra) or walking boots. The highlight for me was Natty getting her first pair of Levis. How cute do they look?!

We are just back from todays highlight though….the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show over at the Polynesian. Yet again, we had the same server as last year (Michael). This is getting spooky! The show was just as good as I’d remembered and Natasha was mesmerised by the dancing and joined in on stage with some hula. The food was nice, we love the coconut and pineapple bread. I drank a Pele’s Fire Punch, which is served in a coconut carved into a monkeys head. That drink is very yummy….dark rum, light rum, banana liqour, pineapple juice and grenadine. Hic!

It’s difficult to describe why this show is so good, but we LOVE the fire guy! I think the best way to blog this is to post some photos. Will……………..

insert photos here please

Anyway, as I write I realise that I am now upto date with my blog! Yeah! Oh, and Natty is snoring …. nope, that’s Will!

Good night!

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