Lunch with an astronaut, dinner with Andrea and Frank… 17

It was a realtively early start as we had a booking with the Disney photographers for some family photos around the Beach Club. We’d had to re book twice due to the storms. Our photographer Cheryl was lovely and the photos have turned out really nice.

Then it was a quick change and off to Kennedy Space Center (no, that’s the way they spell it here…). The highlight of the day was our lunch with astronaut Dr Story Musgrave, a 6 times space traveller! It was amazing listening to his experiennces and him answering questions. He was on the mission that went out to repair the Hubble Telescope, as well as many other missions. I could go on here, but I’ll let you all read his NASA write up. Natty was amazed, and she got to have her picture taken with him, then she decided that she needed his book later, so he did a personal note for her in it.

For the rest of the day we enjoyed a simulated space shuttle launch (wow), a bus tour of the NASA facility stopping at the launch pad viewing platform, seeing the VAB (where the shuttle is prepared) and the Apollo building. Here we got to see Apollo 17, touch a piece of the moon and learn lots about the missions to the moon ~ successful or not. We also took a tour about space robots and saw an Imax 3D film narrated by Tom Hanks about moon landings. That was awesome! After a quick trip around the rocket garden, it was time to leave for dinner with Andrea and Frank.

We were greeted as excitedly as ever by Stella and Phyllis on arrival at the Hendry Blum household. NASA Mike was also there, and it was so nice to see him. Andrea had prepared a wonderful meal, including Pirogi ~ a Polish dish which even Natty ate! She’s getting a bit more adventurous. Andrea had told us all about the Pirogi festival in her hometown, so it was great to try them. They are delicious! Thank you Andrea. After dinner, Frank did the dutiful Uncle thing and taught Natty how to ‘catch’ with her new baseball catchers mit. The dogs tried to join in……a little too well for Natty’s comfort at times šŸ™‚

After a lovely evening, we headed back to the Beach Club and fell into bed.

Good night!

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