Supercalifragilisticexpialidotious……….day 16

Another fun packed day, beginning at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian. We had breakfast booked there with Mary Poppins. We arrived in plenty of time and again Natty had so many lovely comments, as although there are lots of little girls dressed as princesses, no one ever sees a little Mary!

The breakfast is a buffet. We all made our trips for some fine food and then we had visits from Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter (who was truly hilarious and in character), Pooh Bear, Tigger and Mary Poppins herself. She loved meeting Natasha and they had a good long chat. She asked Natty if she knew her special word, and when Natty responded, she was shocked by the speed with which she said it! She obviously doesn’t know how many times we’ve seen the film! Mary then asked Natty is she knew it backwards…..Natty turned herself around and repeated it with her back to Mary. She was very impressed that Natty knew her trick. It was a lovely start to the day.

After a quick change into something more comfortable, we took the monorail into the Magic Kingdom. We stopped for a while to watch the band on Main Street, then popped over to Frontierland for fastpasses to Big Thunder Mountain. Haunted Mansion was next but after a little while in line, we were told it had broken down, so we decided to hop on Small World (again). It was hot, Fay had truly left, and we took a break inside for some aircon and a cold drink. Natty and I had Minute Maid lemonade, and it took us back to being at Vero Beach…..which seems like an age ago. Whilst we were in there, Andrea and Frank called and said they were headed over to meet us. Yeah!

We had a little time, so we took Natty into the Hall of Presidents. I really wanted to show her how amazing the animatronics are in here. All of the US Presidents are represented on stage, each one moving, fidgeting and responding throughout. Some even stabnd up then sitg back down again…..amazing for a robot! Natasha was impressed!

Andrea, Frank and ‘naked’ Mike were waiting for us when we left the theatre. We all said our hellos then decided what to do. We had 3 fastpasses, and Natty chose Andrea and me to ride with her, so off we trotted. The boys went to the Frontierland shooting arcade to prove their manhood! I loved sitting behind Andrea and Natty on Big Thunder, they were having a ball, screaming and shouting all the way around. It was time for a late lunch, so we went and tried to make a dent in our dinning plan at Cosmic Rays. Whilst we ordered food, Frank and Will popped over and got us all fastpasses for Space Mountain. After lunch, we all rode the TTA (or Wedway Peoplemover as Walt named it…and if it was good enough for him…) whilst waiting for our time on Space Mountain. All 6 of us got into one car on Wedway… was cosy…….we loved the closeness….

After we rode Space Mountain, we met Will (who chickened out) and chose our teams for Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin. Now, as one of our party used to manage whole of Tommorowland, I was happy to ride with her and take a lesson or two. It was my best score yet, but nowhere near either her or Franks scores, althoug I’m happy to report that I did manage to beat another ’employee’. Thanks Mike 🙂 Finally, we all went over to the Laugh Floor Comedy Club, hosted by Mike of Monster Inc. It was a hoot! As we left Tommorowland, we topped up our photopass card with some group photos ~ I don’t think the photographer was ready for this group though….

It was time to say our goodbyes, so we all walked out of Magic Kingdom together, the split as we were going to collect our car and head back to get ready for dinner. We played out longer than anticipated, so managed a 10 minute turnaround before our rather fast walk into Epcot and to Le Cellier.

Once seated we met our wonderful server, Joel. He was great, and took time to explain everything, especially all the different Canadian Beers to Will (who was as decisive as ever….NOT). I was not sure what to drink either, as all the cocktails were vodka based. Joel suggested I might like to try the new ‘Tropical Storm’ cocktail, then mentioned the magic word………RUM 😉 Guess what I was drinking….

The food was fantastic. Cheddar Soup, Filet Mignon (mmmm) and then Maple Creme Brulee. Natty was quite adventurous trying the soup and she was very happy with her chocolate ‘moose’ for dessert. Will opted for a New York strip and some triple chocolate cake affair covered in whiskey. After our leisurely meal, we strolled back through World Showcase, serenaded by Illuminations. What a great way to end a tremendous day!

Good night!

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