Chip & Dale and a Connundrum…… day 20

I did some packing whilst Natty slept, before going down to breakfast at Cape May. Whilst we waited, we chatted with Art (the greeter at Beach Club). What a gentleman. The buzzer soon went off and we joined Goofy, Chip, Dale and Minnie for some scrumptious breakfast.

Natty and I dug into a heap of fruit before both enjoying Mickey Waffles. The character interaction was fantastic! Goofy and Chip both declared that they loved Natty, and she lapped it up! After breakfast we finished our shopping at Downtown Disney then walked through the International Gateway into World Showcase. We’d eaten a quick lunch in the solarium which we’d brought back from Wolfgang Puck, so we popped into France for dessert……more cakes! I might also have had a glass of champagne……  😉 Natty wanted to complete another mask, and as it was a good excuse for her to practice her ‘hellos’ in all the languages as well as do some pin trading, we We went anticlockwise from France…..Morocco, Japan, USA, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico (where I did turn down a margarita!). Natty completed another set of hidden Mickey pins on the way.

We went into Mousegear to find a t-shirt that I’d been looking for, and happily found it. We needed some rehydration and aircon, so we picked up some water and rode Spaceship Earth. We then completed the ‘world’ via Canada and the UK where we bumped into Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore. We all had some great character interaction, and the photopass photographer had some fun too. It was time to head back and get gussied up now, we had reservations at the California Grill with Andrea and Frank.

Once at the Contemporary, we checked in, took the private lift upto the top floor where the restaurant is, then went outside onto the viewing platform to have a chat and watch the sun set to the west of the Magic Kingdom. Wow, does the sun set quickly here – it literally drops out of the sky!! Soon, we were seated at a lovely table and think we frustrated the server as we were talking so much we didn’t decide what we wanted to order!!

Finally we ordered. Andrea and I shared a bottle of the nicest wine I have had in a long time ~ Connundrum, which is a Californian wine. Frank continued in his cosmopolitan vein and orderded some red wine (and he’ll definitely be drinking espresso later). We shared some very nice appetizers, flatbread and some lobster and crab cakes. The entrees were Fillet Mignon (me ~ thanks Mike for the recommendation), Halibut (Will) , Salmon (Frank) and some fish that I can’t remember for Andrea. I make it sound so simple and boring but my-oh-my was it fancy! Our server came over and took dessert orders and suggested we go out and see Wishes from the observation gallery, then come back and he’d serve dessert. Good idea! We did our usual dessert sharing which were all wonderful…..

Wishes was fabulous again, and it was so nice experiencing it with the Hendry-Blums. We got dance interpretations from them both, and Natty joined in. After Wished ended, Frank disappeared with Natty. He had taken her around to the other viewing gallery to catch the Electrical Water Pageant on Bay Lake. Thanks Frank. We finally came back and ate our desserts, polished off the wine and let Frank drink espresso.

It was getting late, so we went down in the lift and to collect our cars. Frank had taken deliver of his brand new Honda CRV, so let Will have a drive around the car park. I have never been so nervous. It was dark and it was Franks new car which only had 93 miles on the clock!!!! Luckily, there were no incidents and we drove to our car and headed back to the resort. What a fabulous night!

Good night!

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