There be Pirates!! ……. day 19

It was an earlier start today, as Natasha was off on the Albatross Cruise (aka Pirate adventure) from the Yacht and Beach Club marina. We headed down for her 0930 start and she was met by some CM’s dressed as pirates. She donned her bandana and life jacket then climbed aboard the boat with some other kids. They sailed off to find the first part of their treasure map and clues… and we heard lots of ‘arghs’ as they headed out onto the lake.

Will and I strolled around the Boardwalk and sat outside the bakery and ate breakfast. As we ate, we saw the pirates come ashore and head off into the Boardwalk on their search for treasures. Then Will went off in the car to Nike (he needed new running shoes) and I had some time ALONE!!!!!!!!!! It had to be the weirdest feeling.

At the allotted time, I went over to collect Natty from her cruise. She’d had a ball! She climbed off the boat with pirate goodies in hand and a huge smile. As Will wasn’t back, we popped to the room and changed into our swimwear and then off we went to the quiet pool. Will joined us a little while later, adn we enjoyed some down time. It was HOT again. Afterwards we ate lunch in the solarium before a trip over to Hollywood Studios.

We had missed the fastpasses but decided that we’d wait in or one and only long line of the entire trip ~ Toy Story Mania. The wait was so worth it, even the line was entertaining! The ride is awesome. It’s a fairground carnival type ride, where you don 3D  glasses and fire various ‘weapons’ at targets as you spin around the ride. What amazing fun.

Natty and Will then watched the High School Musical 2 show whilst I popped down to Guest Services to change some dining reservations. I managed to get Cape May breakfast reservations for tomorrow, our last full day 😦

In the evening we went off to finish our shopping, ate dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express (which is the best counter service meal in the whole of WDW) and planned to shop some more. However, Natty was getting very tired, so we headed home.

Good night!

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