Day 0 – The day has finally arrived!

So, the day starts with a little lie in…and tea in bed delivered by my lovely hubby before he heads off to work (I can assure you that I don’t think he is so lovely when it comes to packing the car and leaving the house later in the day!)

After a bit of packing and arranging, Natty and I head off to our favourite spa for pretty nails and a bit of a pamper. It’s lovely to catch up with Nikki and actually sit still for a couple of hours! Natty picks a pretty sparkly turquoise for her finger nails, with sparkly purple toes creating an accidental Ariel Disney bound theme! I revert to my holiday pink finger nails and am convinced to go all out on uber sparkly pink toe nails! You’ll not miss my flip flopped arrival people!!

We meet mum, Kate and Alfie briefly, grab a quick lunch and head over to collect some dollars in cash. We finish off with a bit of shopping…because we all appreciate that Natty just doesn’t have enough holiday outfits…

Back at home, we continue to pack and weigh whilst baking hot…daring not to open a window for fear that our little Houdini (aka Albus the cat) makes a bid for freedom! He’s sulking as he’s desperate to go out and play. Eventually we decide it’s best to bag him up and head to the cattery before we lose the fight! With Albus settled (but not looking too impressed) we pop and collect a late delivery then return home to….you guessed it…more packing!

One Response to “Day 0 – The day has finally arrived!”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Yay!!! And the blog starts ❤️❤️❤️

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