Day 0 – We finally get away from home!

So, I left you with the image of a sad little Albus being left alone at the cattery…think poor orphan Annie in cat form and you can understand our feelings as we drove home to complete our packing! On the upside, he did score a fancy double penthouse suite…he best appreciate that!

I won’t bore you with updates on packing, weighing and repacking…but safe to say that by the time Will arrives home from work we are almost done. Will adds the obligatory pile of electronics and cables (so yes, more weighing) and then (despite a few cross words) we successfully jenga the luggage into the car, lock up and head down the road. 

We must be getting real good at this as we don’t have to turn around and come back home at all…not once! And now I’m by the pool at Vero and so far nothing appears to be missing! After calling in on my mum we cross the city and head across the Snake for our first flights out of Manchester in many years. We are greeted by the friendly farmer, Mr Schofield (and his huge Alsatian dogs, which despite looking very scary are the sweetest puppies) and are soon on our way to the gorgeous Raddison Blu hotel. Check in is a breeze (but finding a luggage cart less so…cue a few more cross words…we are travelling as a family remember with seriously head strong people) and our room is great! It feels even better that it’ s cost nothing due to some soon to expire American Airlines airmiles!

We relax,  watch a bit of TV and I check that our online check in has worked ok before we hit the hay!

Good night!

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