Day 1 – the day we become friends with Virgin Atlantic again!

It’s not too ungodly an hour when the alarm clock rings. Once ready for the journey, we hop in the elevator down one floor and take the terribly efficient moving walkway to terminal 2.  We bag drop and are soon munching on breakfast and duty free shopping!

Boarding is uneventful and we are grateful for the extra leg room that I’d purchased in advance…so much leg room even for the tallest people in the group! We’d fallen out with Virgin Atlantic several years ago and had decided that this year we’d try again. This flight and crew are wonderful! Some of us catch up on much needed sleep (it’s been a crazy busy and long few weeks…) and a few movies. Natty and I can highly recommend Hidden Figures. Will watches Rogue One and Hacksaw Ridge (and absolutely does not sleep…yeah right!). I will confess that I sleep lots….apart from when being fed. Natty’s absolute favourite, chicken pesto pasta, is on the menu along with Gu dessert! 

We might also wake for ice cream! (It’s a miniature Fab lolly, I’m not travelling with a giant!)

By mid afternoon we are almost at our destination…

A severe storm hits just after we land, so despite clearing immigration and customs (I get immediate electronic clearance but Will and Natty have to visit the officer in person…what does that say?) our luggage can’t be unloaded as there’s lots of lightening locally! We wait 30 minutes before the carousel begins to spit out luggage much to the delight and cheers from the awaiting Brits. I stand way back and pretend to be anything but British! Once our cart is loaded we make our way across the airport, on the monorail and breeze through car collection. The luggage fits without the obligatory car seat collapse stresses (yes Jo, there’s a first for everything) and our GPS picks up the requisite number of satellites allowing us to navigate our escape in efficient fashion! We text the Hendry-Blum family, who are waiting at Vero, and it’s only a 90 minute drive to meet them! They take our pizza order as we decide we’ve had too long a day to head off out to eat… so it’s a pool pizza party for dinner! Yay!

I admit that I get a tad emotional on arrival at my spiritual home. I might also be even more emotional when I’m greeted with a huge hug from P and meet our soon to be godson R…of course I’m always emotional when I get to catch up with our fabulous American family…that’s A and F too!

Will unloads our car, I check us in and once in the room we appreciate the view.

Natty, Andrea and P take a trip to the ocean…

It’s pizza party time so we don our warmer climate (90 degrees plus) attire and head down to the pool..A makes sure that we have adult beverages too…that’s why we love to travel with these people (just saying)!

Natty, P and R hit the pool whilst F is despatched to Orchid Island for our pizza. Once back, we munch, drink and catch up. Will enjoys sharing his pepperoni creation with R who takes after his godfather when it comes to calorie consumption…

I begin to feel that I’m being eaten alive by bugs (darned no see’ums). I suspect it’s a tad too late is once I collect the bug spray…let’s wait and see…(update – those bugs had a serious feast on my legs 😦 )

As we all tire (Will is getting particularly weary) we head up to our room and after some adult beverages decide it’s time for bed. On opening one of our bags, we appreciate the amount of rain that’s fallen at the airport! It looks like the contents of one of our bags has taken a swim! Our PJs are soaking wet…cue a late night visit to the laundry room where the efficient driers do what they do best! In the meantime, our 5’10” daughter borrows PJs from a 5’1″ Andrea!!! Lord only knows how many times Andrea has to fold over the top of those PJ bottoms but they’re long enough for Natty!!! 

Good night!

PS – Cute kid alert…after the pool, our room was seriously air conditioned. P comes over for a hug goodnight..he exclaims “Aunt Bev is really warm” then comes back for huge hugs that go on far an age! I don’t mind sharing my warmth with this kid!

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