Day 2 – the day we get caught in a rainy ocean!

Our body clocks ensure that we don’t miss the sunrise this morning! It’s glorious sight from our balcony at 0611…

We have a slow start, drinking tea and eating an in room breakfast. Will goes for a run before it gets ridiculously hot! Andrea joins us just after 8am in need of caffeine as she’s had a rough night with little R…

By 0930 we are down at the pool and enjoying a splash with the kids. Natty, Will, Frank and P are kept busy with a hilarious game of piggy in the middle whilst Andrea and I play with baby R, who enjoys (literally) being thrown between the two of us on the count of three! He’s so confident in the water and doesn’t batter an eyelid when he launches himself under the water towards me! The temperature is rising quickly and the pool really is the place to be, until Natty and P climb the slide to check out the waves…which are looking fit for some boogie boarding! Frank, P and Natty head down the boardwalk and we all duly follow…

The ocean is pretty calm for the Atlantic, I don’t think I’ve ever been here with such calmness! There’s just enough of a surf at the breaker to allow for the odd surf in. Whilst we are in the ocean, there’s an ominous grey cloud appearing over the horizon from the south. The sprinkles begin but soon turn to proper Florida rain. We collect our belongings (there’s a lot of them) and hide temporarily under the boardwalk but decide we’d best head back towards the pool. We get seriously wet but giggle all the way! At least we don’t need to wash away the sand!

That rain doesn’t last long and we are back in the pool until we decide it’s lunchtime. We pop up to Wind and Waves and order some deliciousness…washed down with Mai Tai, Strawberry Pina Colava, Mango smoothie or pints of Yeungling beer – I’ll leave you to guess who has what! But let’s say, my holiday truly begins when I’ve had one of these…

Natty has a mahi sandwich, I have a half tuna sandwich/tomato and mozzarella salad combo and Will enjoys a grilled chicken sandwich. The little boys enjoy pizza and chicken…and really do enjoy it!

Oh and the coffee is complimentary and delicious all day!

Soon after lunch, the skies begin to look a tad angry, we hear thunder and Disney decide to close the pool as there’s lightening locally! Cue a trip back to our room and a nap for baby and Frank! We share our gifts and receive some wonderful and thoughtful presents from our friends (some of which came all the way from Ethiopia!) Thank you!

We eventually gussy up and all head out to Squid Lips in Sebastian for dinner. I’ve so missed this place! There’s a singer, who despite being sweet and really talented, is very loud when your table in next to her! P finds the noise a little troubling (which I totally understand) but fortunately she has a break in her set for the majority of the time we are eating. The food and service are great as always. We begin with queso dip and conch fritters…

It looks like this is the only bit of food porn (I must improve) but Natty and Will have the fried fish (in their delicious cornflake coating), I have the lobster and crab cakes, Andrea recommends the blackened mahi with honey lime dressing and Frank enjoys a fish sandwich. Little R is a complete gentleman eating his fish with a fork, whilst P tucks into chicken and pineapple skewers…the girls might relax with a cocktail…

We are introduced to ‘pickle cheers’ – this crazy lady has some hilarious rituals I tell ya!

With food complete we head out onto the dock to feed to fishes…it really makes me nostalgic as I remember Natty loving this pastime when she was small…

We also have some family photos…

I must download the others!

We call at our favourite Public store for supplies including something to soothe my extensively bitten legs which are by now feeling quite uncomfortable…and I try really hard (unsuccessfully) not to be too grumpy or feel sorry for myself!

Back at the resort, Natty heads down with her American family for glow in the dark crazy golf! They return having had great fun…and Natty got this pretty shot of the moon!

Once the small people are sleeping, we make a decent hole in our rum supplies whilst putting the world to rights! 

Good night!

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