Day 3 – the day of ‘I do…again’

It’s another beautiful if not ridiculously hot day in Vero. With that in mind, there’s nothing like a trip down to the pool!

My bitten legs aren’t feeling too good and we are not sure if there’s something gotten into our room as it looks like I have more bites developed overnight. Disney are fabulous and as soon as we leave the room send in people to take a look. We get the news that it appears ok but Disney and Will want to put my mind at rest so unbeknownst to me have arranged a room change and Will has single handedly packed up and sorted the whole thing. 
After lunch at the pool (which is delicious again) …

… we all head to the beach for some salty fun!

Back at the pool, we have some great fun as it’s pool party time…Natty does a great job helping P with the shark hunting and P wins a little narwhal pool toy for his efforts. The fun continues and P stays with us whilst R takes an afternoon nap. He decides that he won’t join Natty in the slide races so we go and time him in his own little slide race at the pirate ship slide! Natty waits patiently for her moment of glory and when it’s her turn they give her the nickname of Mary Poppins – much to her delight! She scores a fabulous time of 9.32 seconds! We await the overall placements later…

It’s soon time to gussy up for our vow renewal. Showered and changed, we are met by the Hendry-Blum family and head down to collect our flowers. A and F have been wonderful in helping arrange flowers and cake (Andrea) and then driving to collect our cake (Frank). We are thankful for such lovely friends!

We walk down to the beach and it’s a lovely little ceremony … with Natty doing the honours supported by A and F. There may be tears…

Afterwards, we head up to the Wind and Waves restaurant for dinner, being offered congratulations along the way. They are so welcoming at the restaurant and the food is fabulous! I eat the salmon catch of the day with their take in a Greek salad…yum! 

Will offers me a taste of his chicken served over a corn and English pea broth – equally as delicious! The chef changes up Natty’s mahi as she’s didn’t fancy the udon noodle salad that it came with, and she really enjoys the shiitake mushroom and green beans.

Once dinner is over, one of the managers that Will had been chatting to earlier arrives with a treat for us…the pineapple dole whip floating on rum! Oh goodness…wondefulness in a dessert glass!

After a visit back to the beach for some photos and a trip to check out the slide race scores (Natty came second in the adult category) we retire to a lovely little DVC area for cake and champagne!

Frank has seen our original wedding photos and pulls out a Disney pirate plastic sword for us to cut the cake…not quite as fancy as the one 25 years ago but equally as fun!!!

(I’ll post the photos later!)

We eventually head back to our room and continue our celebrations and open cards. My mum had sent us with a lovely card along with a contribution towards a ‘nice drink’ to celebrate. My finance team has also sent a card, which both surprised me and reminded me how lucky I am!

All in all, what started as a rubbish day ended so wonderfully. A beautiful place with super people thinking of us both here and at home.

Good night!

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