Day 4 – the day of much cake!

It’s the first day that we sleep in! Hoorah!

We sleep in until after 9 am and the H-Bs are already down at the beach! After breakfast, we join them and by that time it’s pool time…and it’s a tad hot, with not a cloud to reduce the temperatures. It’s in the 90s with a real feel temperature in excess of 100 degrees! We enjoy lots of splashing and spend most of our time trying to keep in the shade. It’s our final bit of pool and beach time with our friends before they head back to O-town.

Natty, Andrea, P and I enjoy lots of pool slide time…due to the amount of factor 50 on my polka dotted legs, I slide down that helter skelter like a speeding bullet. How I manage to remain upright and facing forward is beyond me…I’ve been known to hit that water head first and facing upwards in a most unladylike fashion!

I know for certain that it wasn’t as pretty an exit as this!!

After some more of our delicious wedding cake by the pool, it’s time for goodbyes…it’s been such a joy and pleasure to spend time with these lovelies!

We decide it’s time for some air con, so we head up to the room, shower and gussy up for a trip out. We head down the Indian River Mall where Natty enjoys burning a hole in the credit card in Victoria’s Secret and Hollister, amongst others. She buys her outfits for sixth form as she’s finally off to school without uniform.

We end the day with a return to our favourite eatery out this way, Squid Lips! Our started is conch fritters, which Natty decides are ‘sea snail falafel’ !!

I take a medicinal Squid Ink…and it’s a strong one thing evening! Oh goodness, do not ask me to walk in a straight line!

We have to order our entrees quickly as the kitchen is taking last orders, so I go with the flow and we all have the fried fish.

I realise that we have a few photos that are on the real camera, so I’ll update with those once they are downloaded (I’m writing the on the journey from Vero to WDW).

We enjoy some quiet family time before returning to the resort – to eat yet more wedding cake for dessert…it’s so delicious…vanilla sponge with cream and fresh strawberries as a filling!

Good night!

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