Day 6 – the day of castles and princesses

We are up and at ’em this morning and in the car by 0720 as we have a date at Cinderella’s Castle. It’s all going to plan until we reach the monorail, climb on board and wait…apparently they are doing some ‘engineering checks’…we wait a little more….

Security has moved to the TTC, so when we finally arrive at theMagic Kingdom we quickly get to our favourite part…the ‘eyes closed and reveal’ Will guides us under the railway station with eyes closed and positions us in the usual place, right at the bottom of Main Street USA facing the castle for ‘eyes open’!



We are soon welcomed into the castle, say hi to Cinderella …

…and seated by our lovely server Lynn (not Elizabeth lol) from Windsor. We order our breakfast…

Natty has the French toast, Will goes traditional and I try the beef tenderloin. It’s all wonderful!

During breakfast we are visited by Snow White, Ariel, Aurora and Jasmine, who are all delightful!

With tummies full of delicious food and Twinnings Irish decaf tea (yes, that’s a thing!) we pop in to get our dose of pixie dust..

It’s now time for Natty’s forever ride, Small World!

It’s feeling super hot as we head for the Haunted Mansion – always a favourite! I’m feeling a bit sleepy but resist taking a nap…Will reckons he doesn’t nap either!

We fancy a ride on Pirates but the line is long so we cross the park and try our hand on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. It’s boys v girls – Natty has the controls on the car spinning device so I don’t have a prayer! Every time I lock onto a target, tat darned car spins around (well that’s my excuse … Will, on the other hand, has no excuse! Beaten by a girl…feel free to remind him in that people!)

Once Will’s been well and truly beaten, it’s time to meet Andrea and the boys, who seem happy to see us!

Will, Natty and I take P to ride the Seven Dwarves Mine Train as we baby switch. Natty and P then get to ride again with Andrea whilst Will and I play with baby R in the Pooh playground. He’s so sweet!



Next up it’s time for my favourite, Peter Pan. I really do love it! This is followed by a voyage with the Little Mermaid…

Will, Natty, P and I ride Big Thunder next, where P yet again chooses Natty as his ride buddy! Once we’ve ‘loud smiled’ our way around that track, it’s almost nap time for baby. We say our goodbyes and the three of us check in at Beasts Castle for our Be Our Guest lunch. We choose our food and decide we’ll eat in the Beast’s library. Will and Natty wat carved turkey and I try the Croque Monsieur; both are declared equally delicious! We share desserts – we love the grey stuff…it’s delicious! Don’t believe us…ask who? The dishes!

Whilst we are eating lunch inmanage to bag a fast pass for Pirates, so that’s where we head next. It’s Wills favourite and don’t we all look excited! 😂

It’s raining heavily when we get off, so we done those pretty ponchos and skip on over to the shops on Main Street then home to the resort to dona quick change and collect our swim kit for later.

But first we have a dinner date with the Hendry-Blums e at Disney Springs. We begin with build your own pizza at Blaze; it’s a success all around! Here’s my relatively healthy (for a pizza) creation…well, what’s left!

Dessert is a trip to Sprinkles for cupcakes!

I can recommend the lemon blueberry cupcake, but I couldn’t manage a whole one so make sure you have a hubby who will share!!

Our friends have decided it’s too late for the kiddies to be out, so we say our goodbyes again (Frank, next time park in Lime as instructed to do so…😉). Despite the lure of Sephora and other assorted stores, we make our escape and drive to Typhoon lagoon for moonlighting magic DVC special event. We are soon welcomed, given special wrist bands, collect towels and don swimwear and make our way to  Misadventure Falls. Hilarity ensues – apart from Will who doesn’t appreciate travelling backwards at speed in a water raft. I am seriously pee’ing myself with laughter; I can’t remember laughing this much in a long time! We all recover by taking a ride on the lazy river (where I make a fool of myself whilst trying to get onto an inflatable ring).

Next up we try Keelhaul Falls where this time it’s my turn to shoot down in an inner tube completely backwards…at super speed! I cannot slow that darn thing down! More hilarity ensues as we enter into lagoon to enjoy the wave machine…they are seriously huge waves that completely sweep us off our feet on more than one occassion!

We chat with DVC execs, eat complimentary Mickey ice creams and drink ice cold lemonade (it’s still 80 degrees at 2230!) before meeting Sebastian the crab.


It’s been a very long day, so we finally call it a day and head off back to AKL and a lovely lie down on a comfy bed!
Good night!

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