Day 10 – Hollywood Studios and magical moments…

It’s our first Hollywood Studios day, and we tear ourselves away from the menagerie we can see from the balcony and head out as we have fastpasses for the Tower of Terror (Will’s favourite…not!) Will braves it and this is the result.

Much to Will’s chagrin we visit Starbucks for a caffeine infusion. Will’s been terribly upset since Starbucks took over his beloved Main Street bakery…but the sight of a Darth Vader cupcake perks him right up!

I suspect this is much improved when he realises that it’s peanut butter frosting so we don’t want to share!

As we wander through the shops, Andrea and the boys arrive with big hugs for all! Will buys himself a lanyard for work then we all head up to ride Toy Story Mania. It’s great as we can all ride!

Will wins this one but P does an amazing job with great accuracy scores! Next up is Star Tours, where P rides with us whilst Andrea babysits R. We all really enjoy this journey to Endor and back! We meet up with Andrea and baby R, build droids with P and get a super fashion show with the baby…

It’s soon time for lunch so we pop into the air conditioned loveliness that is the Backlot Express where there’s chicken and Darth Vader waffles…really!

With tummies full, we walk over to the Star Wars Launch Bay where we meet Chewbacca…

We then visit with the cute little Jawas…baby R is not sure at all but as they carefully play with him he cautiously gets a little braver. Once he’s fully confident he can’t get enough of those little dudes! We have a truly Magical moment with P, R, the  Jawas and Seth (who’s looking after them)! They even bring little BB8 gifts for the boys! 

What a truly wonderful experience…in the end little R is fascinated and engaged with them! So much so that he has lots of his cute baby babble interspersed with ‘bye bye’ as we left!

It’s time for a nap now, so Andrea and the boys head out for home whilst we pop and meet BB8. He’s adorable and communicating with us…it’s freaky how real the interaction feels!

The final meeting is an ‘encounter’ with Kylo Ren – absolutely no hugging here! But Natty gets a sneaky selfie even though he forbade it!

Whilst in the Star Wars launch bay we ordered Tyler’s present before heading over to the Great Movie Ride. Sadly, this ride will close forever in August so I’m glad that we got it one last time! Natty finally decides that she’ll keep her eyes open for the whole ride including the Alien bit!

We catch Muppets 3D …

…Natty grabs a selfie with Storm Troopers …

…we collect Tyler’s present and then watch the Star Wars launch bay movie. It’s now time for another ride on the Tower of Terror but the weather gods must favour Will today (either that or he prayed really hard) as a massive storm hits complete with lightening and stupendously heavy rain! We hide under a covered seating area with a nice family from Tampa whilst eating Churros and a Mickey pretzel…

Finally, the rain dies down enough for us to brave the weather in our ponchos (which have served us really well on several afternoons) and head out to the car.

We gussy up for dinner at Boma. We had planned a fancy dinner with Andrea and Frank (who’s arranged a babysitter) but I don’t feel up to it as I’m not doing great with food due to the tooth incident! Despite the disappointment, it means that we do get to catch up with Paul. I soothe my discomfort with a mojito followed by a mighty strong Mai Tai! Natty discovers her love of the virgin mojito…

I’ll upload our Paul photos once they’re downloaded!

Good night!

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