Day 12 –  the ‘it’s a jolly holiday’ birthday day…

Once up and ready we take the resort Monorail directly to the Magic Kingdom from the  Poly – it’s fantastic!

We stroll up Main Street and through Fantasyland for our breakfast in Beasts Castle. With food ordered we pop into the Beasts Ballroom and take a seat to wait for our breakfast. 

This is Natty’s breakfast…

It’s the croissant donut from this menu…

I have the scrambled egg white and Will, unsurprisingly, has the Feast a la Gaston.

Natty is Disney bounding Mary Poppins today and we begin to count up the ‘good morning Mary’ interactions as we walk over to Will’s favourite ride…Space Mountain! Will offers to hold the bags…which is so surprising!😂
Then around into Fantasyland for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train for ‘loud smiles’!

There’s always time to add a sprinkling of 
Pixie Dust…

​​…and this time Will gets a sprinkle too…(much hilarity might follow later when he tries to figure out why he’s got sparkles in his underpants!!)

It’s soon time to meet Mary Poppins and she doesn’t disappoint!

After a trip in the Christmas Shop where we buy our annual Disney ornament we ride Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin and meet an old ex military Trump supporter…cue hilarious conversation between Will and this oddly opinionated chap – Trump is misquoted and taken out of context – and the BBC just report what CNN tell them – did you know that?

It’s time for a little rest so we ride Carousel of Progress where Natty is frustrated by the lack of an apostrophe (and I wish she hadn’t pointed it out as I’m now frustrated too!)

After the ride (and a little nap for Will maybe?) we are stalked by a fabulous photopass man,Justin, who sees Natty’s Disney bound and suggests some photos…

It’s soon time to catch the monorail to Grand Floridian to meet Jed and Andrea for Andrea’s birthday and her afternoon tea.
It’s so fancy and the afternoon tea is delicious! It’s also so good to catch up with Jed. We’ve missed him! 

I also try the caramel rooibos tea…mmmmm!

The party continues as we head  to the Polynesian and the new Trader Sams Grog Grotto. Andrea and Natty arrive first as they’ve taken A’s car and when we arrive we find them settled in…

It’s such great fun in here… and the girls advise us to try the sharing cocktail called Uh Oa.

It’s quite a show when it arrives! 

And soon we are joined by Mike T. Again it’s great to catch up!

Frank brings the kids over from the pool briefly to day their goodbyes and when our drinks are finished we jump back on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.

We ride the Tea Cups (where Mike makes Will feel a tad dizzy…)


And the carousel! The sky is so pretty!

We try to locate Ben’s sister to no avail but we do find a Chuck! As we wait for Happily Ever After our party grows by one! 

The projections, music and fireworks are spectacular!

We decide it’s time for more adult beverages (and we have promised Frank that we will show the birthday girl a great time) so we walk to Contemporary and hit the Wave lounge. 

Mike treats us to cocktails and bread service…hoping to soak up the 
Seven Seas Lagoon cocktail…Mike doesn’t realise they are huge, sharing cocktails so orders two!!! And the boys have ordered their own drinks! 

Luckily the boys find it in their hearts to help us! Natty has a virgin pina colada and not only enjoys her drink but also finds the company hilarious! We are all a bit crazy…


It’s finally time to leave and here’s where it gets complicated as the planned monorail trip can’t happen as it’s broken down!!

So our first stay at a monorail resort and we take the bus!!!

It’s a late end to a fabulous day! Happy birthday Andrea! 🎉🍹🍸

Good night!

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