Day 14 – another day around the World 

It’s not too early a start this morning, which is a good thing after such a late start!  We drive to Epcot, as we are heading off property later, and park up and catch the tram in…

First up it’s Soarin’ and we ride whilst waiting for Andrea and the boys as they have much further to travel. We grab our breakfast at Starbucks Fountain View then meet up with A and the boys, head towards the Land pavilion and babysit little R whilst P gets some mummy time on Soarin’. R seems to be ok with us, but we do get the odd “Urm…mommy?” We keep him happy with cake and paper bags…

We decide that a stroll around World Showcase is next and that we will eat lunch in Japan. First up is Mexico where we all get to ride the Three Caballeros…

Then it’s onwards to Norway and the to China

 with a magical stop at the African outpost for a Mango Starr (which might have rum!)

We walk through Germany, Italy and the USA before stopping in Japan for lunch. The teriyaki chicken and prawn dish is amazing! Just as we decide to leave today’s storm begins…and there’s some serious rain!

We choose to pause as three rain ponchos won’t cover 3 adults, a teenager, 2 kids and a stroller (no matter how small our American adult is!)

The rain stops and we head out of a park flooded in parts! This is an adventure for P who enjoys testing the depth of the water…

It’s nap time for R so they head home and we drive to Disney Springs where there’s a successful trip to Uniqlo and Sephora …

We visit Under Armour and the Marketplace cooperative before driving to the mall, where we buy another bag to bring home our excess!

We then return to the Poly to shower and gussy as we have reservations over to Epcot  at La Hacienda. We are meeting Andrea and Frank but judging by the photopass downloads they arrived a while before us! 

La Hacienda is a hoot! The margaritas are delicious…I enjoy a minty pineapple affair which is rather strong! The company is brilliant…

We enjoy Illuminations and a beautiful sunset…

The food is wonderful…Natty has the Pan Seared Snapper – Snapper served atop Tequila-butter Cascabel pepper reduction, accompanied with roasted tomatillos, onions, chiles toreados and queso fresco, and corn Esquites. 

Will and I share the La Hacienda – Mixed grill offering New York strip, half a chicken al pastor, chorizos and vegetables, served with beans and fresh salsas. I’m not sure where the photos are!

We eat our dessert cruise style !

There’s much hilarity as we order dessert … apparently our American friends think it’s flahn/flarn! When we laugh and say flan – F-L-A-N, we get the banarrrrna joke right back! So is it babarrrna flan or banana flarrrrn. You decide! Natty at this point is crying with laughter!

With tummies seriously full,  we walk out through an empty park…allowing for some photo opps on the way…


Andrea kills me with her attempt at an Instagram worthy ‘bubblegum wall’ recreation – she’s down with the kids!😂

Good night!

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