Day 15 – the day of giraffe poop!

It’s another Animal Kingdom day and we are meeting Frank to accompany him on his first Flight of Passage!

We pop in to grab breakfast at Starbucks – and the scrambled egg white and spinach wrap is really good! Wash it down with a skinny cappuccino and it makes an excellent start to my day! Frank arrives as we are feeding the ‘hangry’ person in the group…I’m not saying who that might be…

We head straight into Pandora as it’s our fastpass time for Flight of Passage. We are most excited as we’ve ridden it before and are still amazed but it’s great to be with Frank as he’s riding for the first time despite living here and working for the Mouse! Natty gets to show off her fancy Pandora magic band entry display…

Frank explains some of the detail as we progress through the queue…and have a bit of ‘holding’ time in one of the rooms. I’m just relieved that it’s not broken down!

This ride seriously blows me away again and Frank is suitably pleased and impressed! Wow!!!
Frank has to leave now as he’s busy with the kids, so we say our goodbyes and we walk back to Africa for a Kilimanjaro Safari. Again there’s an impressive amount of animals but as I’m writing this blog whilst taxiing out on our departure flight then I can’t upload proper photos.

Once off the safari, Natty gets a Henna test – she’s really wanted the henna patterns on her hand but knowing my allergies think it’s best to have a sample test first.

Back in Pandora we decide that we’d like to lunch at Satu’li Canteen again as it was so good previously. This time Natty chooses the curried vegetable pods, whilst Will and I have the chicken – Wills with the red and sweet potato hash and mine with quinoa and vegetable salad. We all choose our favourite dessert which you might recall from our first visit as they are quite striking! 

With tummies full we take a stroll over to Asia as we have fastpasses to Everest but when we get there the ride is not operating…it’s been struck by lightning twice in 2 days so it’s still down! In the upside, our fastpasses can be used elsewhere…but on the downside they can’t be used over in Pandora! It’s not surprising through…it’s only been open a couple of months and it’s been crazy! We reckon it’ll only settle down once the new themed lands of Toy Story and Star Wars (which have broken ground) are open in Hollywood Studios.

We return to Africa and take the train over to Rafikis Planet Watch. It’s a nice respite from the heat and humidity as there’s a lovely indoor area. Inside Natty meets up with Doc Mcstuffins – a Disney channel favourite of her cousins. She is pretty tall for a seven year old!

There are no procedures happening in the veterinary lab but we meet one of the Zoologists, Mike, who tells us about recent happenings including a dental procedure on a male gorilla. So as not to disturb the hierarchy of the group the put them all to sleep, remove the senior gorilla for his procedure, return him whilst he’s still sleeping and then let them all wake! 

Natty and Mike chat and examine a variety of animal skeletons and when he finds out that Natty loves giraffes, he brings her a gift…giraffe poop! Yes, the real stuff that’s been varnished in shellac!

An animal encounter begins and we sit for a while and listen in…it’s a snake – a boa constrictor who’s about 7 years old…he’s quite a large fellow and quite lively too. Thankfully we decide not to stay for the meet and greet! 
On our way outside we pop and see the goats, alpaca and miniature donkeys before catching the train back to Harambe. Natty hadn’t reacted to the henna so she goes and has her hand painted with a very pretty flower pattern. Whilst it dries we decide to use the extra fastpasses for the safari whilst the henna dries.

There’s a bit of shopping before our dinner reservation at Yak and Yeti. We have a truly delightful server, Olivia, who takes excellent care of us. Natty eats fish tacos, which she declares delicious! 

Will really enjoys a Chicken Tikka Masala, I suspect one of his favourite meals so far 
and I have the Miso Salmon.

Olivia recommends the Big Bamboo cocktail – Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Don Q Cristal Rum, Banana Liqueur, and Tropical Fruit Juices, it’s her absolute favourite and she’s not wrong!

Desserts are the Pineapple Wanton Skewers, Mango Pie and Cheesecake.

More photos in Animal Kingdom…

We ask to see the manager on the way out to praise the service we’ve had from Olivia before walking out of the park and heading back to the Polynesian for pool time and watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks across the Seven Seas Lagoon from the beach.

Natty then stops by the caricature artist in the lobby to get a pic done of her and Tyler…I pop to the shop for a few bits for breakfast. Whilst in the shop I get a text…”Help me! The artist is a Republican!” 😂

I head back downstairs and sit with them in the hope of changing the subject…he’s not your usual Disney employee and he’s proud of that! Oh Lord!

We try and get an earlier night as we have an early start for a special young Mans christening!

Good night!

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