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Day 7 – the day of banshee flights

July 15, 2017

Will gets up for a run nice and early but is as quiet as a mouse (yes, really…either that or we are so tired that we could sleep through anything!), so we sleep in.

We plan to stay late in Animal Kingdom so plan for a later start in the park. Our first fastpass is for the Kilimanjaro Safari, so on arrival (and after the obligatory photo)

we head across the park to Africa. It’s a great safari with loads of animals…as always our favourite are the giraffes but a new baby elephant does his best to steal the show! (More photos coming soon!)

Next up is the much anticipated new land of Pandora (of Avatar fame). As we approach, the landscape and sounds change subtly and before long we get the full impact of the imagineers amazing new land! Wow! I must admit that we do walk around with jaws dropped. In the store Natty resists adopting a banshee but gives in at the sight of a beautiful limited edition magic band.

It’s now our time to ride Flight of Passage…which is reported to be pretty darned great! We are introduced and measured up for our banshee then ‘bonded’…

This thrill ride gives you a banshee’s-eye view of the beauty and grandeur of Pandora on a rite of passage you can’t forget! It’s found deep in the heart of the Valley of Mo’ara, and is an expedition that lets interstellar explorers climb atop a mountain banshee for a breathtaking, first-person flight over the moon’s incredible landscape. Bonding with a mountain banshee is a crucial step in the life of a Na’vi hunter—and flying on the back of one of these powerful winged creatures represents an important rite of passage. That’s how Disney describe it but this does not do it justice! Seriously it’s truly fabulous!

As I ride on the banshee, I can feel it breathe…and I soar across such amazing landscapes complete with smell and spray as we fly across the ocean! Wow! Wow! Wow! I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes…I don’t think I’ve ever reacted this way to a new Disney ride! Take a bow Disney imagineers!

When we’ve finally gotten over this, it’s time for lunch. We’ve decided it’ll be at Satu’li canteen in Pandora. It’s has a clever mobile ordering system where you order on an app, hit ‘we’ve arrived’ when you get there and they start cooking your food! We get our notification that our food is ready…Will has Steamed Vegetable Curry Pod with Eggplant, Cauliflower, Sweet Potato, Carrots, and Shallot Cilantro Cream served with Crunchy Vegetable Slaw and Vegetable Chips.

Natty has the Sustainable Fish Bowl – Panko Breaded Sustainable Fish topped with Crunchy Vegetable Slaw and Boba Balls served with red and sweet potatoes. I have the same but with whole  grain rice.

Dessert is delicious! We share a Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse with Passion Fruit Curd and a Chocolate Cake with a Crunchy Cookie Layer and Banana Cream Topping…

We have photos taken in Pandora…

…Take in a bit if shopping as the afternoon rain has come…

…and then visit Its Tough to be a Bug (which always makes us scream before singing along to ‘Shoulder high waste’ with the dung beetle! We then score great seats for Festival of the Lion King and enjoy another sing along and love the tumble monkeys!

After a pause for a Mickey Ice Cream, we head into Asia for a trip up Everest, only to be chased back by the Yeti!

Dinosaur is next…it’s been refurbished so it’s so much smoother and hence enjoyable!

Despite my best intentions, I agree to ride the bone shaking, head spinning Primeval Whirl…when will I ever learn. Note to self – this is one ride you don’t like – ever!

After another safari – and great lion and cheetah photos…(which will be added shortly)

we eat dinner at Pizzafari, where the new offerings of flatbreads are far superior to the previous pizzas!

The new show, Rivers of Light, begins at 2100 and thanks to our fast pass booking, we get great seats. The show is another lovely addition to his park now that it’s open after dark. The show features water fountains, mist screens, floating lanterns, fire effects, lasers, lights, fog, projection mapping and live performers and incorporates the park’s Tree of Life into the show. It’s beautiful and we love the music.

(More photos to be added soon…when the app stops crashing!)

We keep a track on the wait times for the other new Pandora ride which have been no lower than 70 minutes all day. Natty sees that at the end of the show, the wait is down to 20 minutes so we hot foot it across the park (all this criss crossing has helped us in reaching 15.5km walking today!)

The Navi River Journey does not disappoint! However the photos are rubbish!

We end our day still in utter amazement both at the beauty of Pandora but also the beauty of Animal Kingdom after dark!

Good night!

Day 6 – the day of castles and princesses

July 14, 2017

We are up and at ’em this morning and in the car by 0720 as we have a date at Cinderella’s Castle. It’s all going to plan until we reach the monorail, climb on board and wait…apparently they are doing some ‘engineering checks’…we wait a little more….

Security has moved to the TTC, so when we finally arrive at theMagic Kingdom we quickly get to our favourite part…the ‘eyes closed and reveal’ Will guides us under the railway station with eyes closed and positions us in the usual place, right at the bottom of Main Street USA facing the castle for ‘eyes open’!



We are soon welcomed into the castle, say hi to Cinderella …

…and seated by our lovely server Lynn (not Elizabeth lol) from Windsor. We order our breakfast…

Natty has the French toast, Will goes traditional and I try the beef tenderloin. It’s all wonderful!

During breakfast we are visited by Snow White, Ariel, Aurora and Jasmine, who are all delightful!

With tummies full of delicious food and Twinnings Irish decaf tea (yes, that’s a thing!) we pop in to get our dose of pixie dust..

It’s now time for Natty’s forever ride, Small World!

It’s feeling super hot as we head for the Haunted Mansion – always a favourite! I’m feeling a bit sleepy but resist taking a nap…Will reckons he doesn’t nap either!

We fancy a ride on Pirates but the line is long so we cross the park and try our hand on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. It’s boys v girls – Natty has the controls on the car spinning device so I don’t have a prayer! Every time I lock onto a target, tat darned car spins around (well that’s my excuse … Will, on the other hand, has no excuse! Beaten by a girl…feel free to remind him in that people!)

Once Will’s been well and truly beaten, it’s time to meet Andrea and the boys, who seem happy to see us!

Will, Natty and I take P to ride the Seven Dwarves Mine Train as we baby switch. Natty and P then get to ride again with Andrea whilst Will and I play with baby R in the Pooh playground. He’s so sweet!



Next up it’s time for my favourite, Peter Pan. I really do love it! This is followed by a voyage with the Little Mermaid…

Will, Natty, P and I ride Big Thunder next, where P yet again chooses Natty as his ride buddy! Once we’ve ‘loud smiled’ our way around that track, it’s almost nap time for baby. We say our goodbyes and the three of us check in at Beasts Castle for our Be Our Guest lunch. We choose our food and decide we’ll eat in the Beast’s library. Will and Natty wat carved turkey and I try the Croque Monsieur; both are declared equally delicious! We share desserts – we love the grey stuff…it’s delicious! Don’t believe us…ask who? The dishes!

Whilst we are eating lunch inmanage to bag a fast pass for Pirates, so that’s where we head next. It’s Wills favourite and don’t we all look excited! 😂

It’s raining heavily when we get off, so we done those pretty ponchos and skip on over to the shops on Main Street then home to the resort to dona quick change and collect our swim kit for later.

But first we have a dinner date with the Hendry-Blums e at Disney Springs. We begin with build your own pizza at Blaze; it’s a success all around! Here’s my relatively healthy (for a pizza) creation…well, what’s left!

Dessert is a trip to Sprinkles for cupcakes!

I can recommend the lemon blueberry cupcake, but I couldn’t manage a whole one so make sure you have a hubby who will share!!

Our friends have decided it’s too late for the kiddies to be out, so we say our goodbyes again (Frank, next time park in Lime as instructed to do so…😉). Despite the lure of Sephora and other assorted stores, we make our escape and drive to Typhoon lagoon for moonlighting magic DVC special event. We are soon welcomed, given special wrist bands, collect towels and don swimwear and make our way to  Misadventure Falls. Hilarity ensues – apart from Will who doesn’t appreciate travelling backwards at speed in a water raft. I am seriously pee’ing myself with laughter; I can’t remember laughing this much in a long time! We all recover by taking a ride on the lazy river (where I make a fool of myself whilst trying to get onto an inflatable ring).

Next up we try Keelhaul Falls where this time it’s my turn to shoot down in an inner tube completely backwards…at super speed! I cannot slow that darn thing down! More hilarity ensues as we enter into lagoon to enjoy the wave machine…they are seriously huge waves that completely sweep us off our feet on more than one occassion!

We chat with DVC execs, eat complimentary Mickey ice creams and drink ice cold lemonade (it’s still 80 degrees at 2230!) before meeting Sebastian the crab.


It’s been a very long day, so we finally call it a day and head off back to AKL and a lovely lie down on a comfy bed!
Good night!

Day 5 continued…

July 13, 2017

By the time we’ve finished at Beaches and Cream, the sky is looking pretty angry and the promised rain has started. We pop into the Beach Club marketplace for rain ponchos then it’s off for a rainy stroll into Epcot.

We have fast passes for the new Frozen ride and are meeting the Hendry-Blums. However our efforts at entering the park via the International Gateway are thwarted temporarily as Will and Natty’s tickets aren’t showing up on our magic bands! A visit to guest relations follows, where Matt figures out the problem and calls AKL to get the problem rectified. Tickets sorted we head around World Showcase lagoon and meet up in Norway. 

Once we’ve rendezvoused with our favourite Americans we all ride Frozen Ever After for the first time…yes, our friends haven’t ridden it either! Verdict: we all loved it!

We splash our way into future world where we happen upon Baymax of Big Hero Six fame…he’s adorable!

Afterwards, we ride Nemo to the Living Seas…

…before some splashing on the twinkling floors and then good night hugs. Our little family of three then ride Spaceship Earth…
(We love this woman!)

…before catching the end of Illuminations on our walk back through world showcase to the Beach Club to collect the car and return for our first night at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

It’s a very early start in the morning, so good night!

Day 5 – the day that we return to the Magic 

July 12, 2017

Will heads out for a morning Vero run and once back we all ready ourselves for a morning in the ocean. Natty had planned to Paddle board this morning…but you know what I’d said about it being so calm? Well not today! Even body boarding is a huge challenge!

(Again, I’ll add some better photos once downloaded)

After a quick dip in the pool and another slide, 

our final lunch at Wind and Waves, a shopping trip in Island Mercantile and a few goodbyes, 

it’s time to head for Walt Disney World! Natty might have a bit of fun with Will on our trip with the luggage!

With satnav set to Animal Kingdom Lodge, it’s off we go. Woo hoo! I might have a little nap along the way…but soon enough we are cheering as we pass this sign…

Check in is a breeze and we are soon in our home for the next 6 nights, with this wonderful view from our balcony!

We quickly unpack as we have places to go and people to see! First stop is Beaches and Cream for dinner. I must admit that we all have twinges of sadness as we walk through the Beach Club, our DVC home and usual place to stay when visiting WDW. We are soon feeling better once we arrive at Beaches and Cream and are greeted with waves and huge smiles from Brian. We eat a delicious dinner (Will had the meatloaf open sandwich whilst Natty and I split a burger, grilled cheese and tomato bisque), catch up with Brian (who’s amazed at how tall and lovely Natty is) and meet a Brian in training, the lovely Kevin.

To be continued because I’m sleepy but I know some of you are waiting for an update! But first, meet our new friends Jennifer and daughters from Ohio…such a hoot! And yes, those three just attempted a Kitchen Sink!

Good night!

Day 4 – the day of much cake!

July 12, 2017

It’s the first day that we sleep in! Hoorah!

We sleep in until after 9 am and the H-Bs are already down at the beach! After breakfast, we join them and by that time it’s pool time…and it’s a tad hot, with not a cloud to reduce the temperatures. It’s in the 90s with a real feel temperature in excess of 100 degrees! We enjoy lots of splashing and spend most of our time trying to keep in the shade. It’s our final bit of pool and beach time with our friends before they head back to O-town.

Natty, Andrea, P and I enjoy lots of pool slide time…due to the amount of factor 50 on my polka dotted legs, I slide down that helter skelter like a speeding bullet. How I manage to remain upright and facing forward is beyond me…I’ve been known to hit that water head first and facing upwards in a most unladylike fashion!

I know for certain that it wasn’t as pretty an exit as this!!

After some more of our delicious wedding cake by the pool, it’s time for goodbyes…it’s been such a joy and pleasure to spend time with these lovelies!

We decide it’s time for some air con, so we head up to the room, shower and gussy up for a trip out. We head down the Indian River Mall where Natty enjoys burning a hole in the credit card in Victoria’s Secret and Hollister, amongst others. She buys her outfits for sixth form as she’s finally off to school without uniform.

We end the day with a return to our favourite eatery out this way, Squid Lips! Our started is conch fritters, which Natty decides are ‘sea snail falafel’ !!

I take a medicinal Squid Ink…and it’s a strong one thing evening! Oh goodness, do not ask me to walk in a straight line!

We have to order our entrees quickly as the kitchen is taking last orders, so I go with the flow and we all have the fried fish.

I realise that we have a few photos that are on the real camera, so I’ll update with those once they are downloaded (I’m writing the on the journey from Vero to WDW).

We enjoy some quiet family time before returning to the resort – to eat yet more wedding cake for dessert…it’s so delicious…vanilla sponge with cream and fresh strawberries as a filling!

Good night!

Day 3 – the day of ‘I do…again’

July 11, 2017

It’s another beautiful if not ridiculously hot day in Vero. With that in mind, there’s nothing like a trip down to the pool!

My bitten legs aren’t feeling too good and we are not sure if there’s something gotten into our room as it looks like I have more bites developed overnight. Disney are fabulous and as soon as we leave the room send in people to take a look. We get the news that it appears ok but Disney and Will want to put my mind at rest so unbeknownst to me have arranged a room change and Will has single handedly packed up and sorted the whole thing. 
After lunch at the pool (which is delicious again) …

… we all head to the beach for some salty fun!

Back at the pool, we have some great fun as it’s pool party time…Natty does a great job helping P with the shark hunting and P wins a little narwhal pool toy for his efforts. The fun continues and P stays with us whilst R takes an afternoon nap. He decides that he won’t join Natty in the slide races so we go and time him in his own little slide race at the pirate ship slide! Natty waits patiently for her moment of glory and when it’s her turn they give her the nickname of Mary Poppins – much to her delight! She scores a fabulous time of 9.32 seconds! We await the overall placements later…

It’s soon time to gussy up for our vow renewal. Showered and changed, we are met by the Hendry-Blum family and head down to collect our flowers. A and F have been wonderful in helping arrange flowers and cake (Andrea) and then driving to collect our cake (Frank). We are thankful for such lovely friends!

We walk down to the beach and it’s a lovely little ceremony … with Natty doing the honours supported by A and F. There may be tears…

Afterwards, we head up to the Wind and Waves restaurant for dinner, being offered congratulations along the way. They are so welcoming at the restaurant and the food is fabulous! I eat the salmon catch of the day with their take in a Greek salad…yum! 

Will offers me a taste of his chicken served over a corn and English pea broth – equally as delicious! The chef changes up Natty’s mahi as she’s didn’t fancy the udon noodle salad that it came with, and she really enjoys the shiitake mushroom and green beans.

Once dinner is over, one of the managers that Will had been chatting to earlier arrives with a treat for us…the pineapple dole whip floating on rum! Oh goodness…wondefulness in a dessert glass!

After a visit back to the beach for some photos and a trip to check out the slide race scores (Natty came second in the adult category) we retire to a lovely little DVC area for cake and champagne!

Frank has seen our original wedding photos and pulls out a Disney pirate plastic sword for us to cut the cake…not quite as fancy as the one 25 years ago but equally as fun!!!

(I’ll post the photos later!)

We eventually head back to our room and continue our celebrations and open cards. My mum had sent us with a lovely card along with a contribution towards a ‘nice drink’ to celebrate. My finance team has also sent a card, which both surprised me and reminded me how lucky I am!

All in all, what started as a rubbish day ended so wonderfully. A beautiful place with super people thinking of us both here and at home.

Good night!

Day 2 – the day we get caught in a rainy ocean!

July 10, 2017

Our body clocks ensure that we don’t miss the sunrise this morning! It’s glorious sight from our balcony at 0611…

We have a slow start, drinking tea and eating an in room breakfast. Will goes for a run before it gets ridiculously hot! Andrea joins us just after 8am in need of caffeine as she’s had a rough night with little R…

By 0930 we are down at the pool and enjoying a splash with the kids. Natty, Will, Frank and P are kept busy with a hilarious game of piggy in the middle whilst Andrea and I play with baby R, who enjoys (literally) being thrown between the two of us on the count of three! He’s so confident in the water and doesn’t batter an eyelid when he launches himself under the water towards me! The temperature is rising quickly and the pool really is the place to be, until Natty and P climb the slide to check out the waves…which are looking fit for some boogie boarding! Frank, P and Natty head down the boardwalk and we all duly follow…

The ocean is pretty calm for the Atlantic, I don’t think I’ve ever been here with such calmness! There’s just enough of a surf at the breaker to allow for the odd surf in. Whilst we are in the ocean, there’s an ominous grey cloud appearing over the horizon from the south. The sprinkles begin but soon turn to proper Florida rain. We collect our belongings (there’s a lot of them) and hide temporarily under the boardwalk but decide we’d best head back towards the pool. We get seriously wet but giggle all the way! At least we don’t need to wash away the sand!

That rain doesn’t last long and we are back in the pool until we decide it’s lunchtime. We pop up to Wind and Waves and order some deliciousness…washed down with Mai Tai, Strawberry Pina Colava, Mango smoothie or pints of Yeungling beer – I’ll leave you to guess who has what! But let’s say, my holiday truly begins when I’ve had one of these…

Natty has a mahi sandwich, I have a half tuna sandwich/tomato and mozzarella salad combo and Will enjoys a grilled chicken sandwich. The little boys enjoy pizza and chicken…and really do enjoy it!

Oh and the coffee is complimentary and delicious all day!

Soon after lunch, the skies begin to look a tad angry, we hear thunder and Disney decide to close the pool as there’s lightening locally! Cue a trip back to our room and a nap for baby and Frank! We share our gifts and receive some wonderful and thoughtful presents from our friends (some of which came all the way from Ethiopia!) Thank you!

We eventually gussy up and all head out to Squid Lips in Sebastian for dinner. I’ve so missed this place! There’s a singer, who despite being sweet and really talented, is very loud when your table in next to her! P finds the noise a little troubling (which I totally understand) but fortunately she has a break in her set for the majority of the time we are eating. The food and service are great as always. We begin with queso dip and conch fritters…

It looks like this is the only bit of food porn (I must improve) but Natty and Will have the fried fish (in their delicious cornflake coating), I have the lobster and crab cakes, Andrea recommends the blackened mahi with honey lime dressing and Frank enjoys a fish sandwich. Little R is a complete gentleman eating his fish with a fork, whilst P tucks into chicken and pineapple skewers…the girls might relax with a cocktail…

We are introduced to ‘pickle cheers’ – this crazy lady has some hilarious rituals I tell ya!

With food complete we head out onto the dock to feed to fishes…it really makes me nostalgic as I remember Natty loving this pastime when she was small…

We also have some family photos…

I must download the others!

We call at our favourite Public store for supplies including something to soothe my extensively bitten legs which are by now feeling quite uncomfortable…and I try really hard (unsuccessfully) not to be too grumpy or feel sorry for myself!

Back at the resort, Natty heads down with her American family for glow in the dark crazy golf! They return having had great fun…and Natty got this pretty shot of the moon!

Once the small people are sleeping, we make a decent hole in our rum supplies whilst putting the world to rights! 

Good night!

Day 1 – the day we become friends with Virgin Atlantic again!

July 9, 2017

It’s not too ungodly an hour when the alarm clock rings. Once ready for the journey, we hop in the elevator down one floor and take the terribly efficient moving walkway to terminal 2.  We bag drop and are soon munching on breakfast and duty free shopping!

Boarding is uneventful and we are grateful for the extra leg room that I’d purchased in advance…so much leg room even for the tallest people in the group! We’d fallen out with Virgin Atlantic several years ago and had decided that this year we’d try again. This flight and crew are wonderful! Some of us catch up on much needed sleep (it’s been a crazy busy and long few weeks…) and a few movies. Natty and I can highly recommend Hidden Figures. Will watches Rogue One and Hacksaw Ridge (and absolutely does not sleep…yeah right!). I will confess that I sleep lots….apart from when being fed. Natty’s absolute favourite, chicken pesto pasta, is on the menu along with Gu dessert! 

We might also wake for ice cream! (It’s a miniature Fab lolly, I’m not travelling with a giant!)

By mid afternoon we are almost at our destination…

A severe storm hits just after we land, so despite clearing immigration and customs (I get immediate electronic clearance but Will and Natty have to visit the officer in person…what does that say?) our luggage can’t be unloaded as there’s lots of lightening locally! We wait 30 minutes before the carousel begins to spit out luggage much to the delight and cheers from the awaiting Brits. I stand way back and pretend to be anything but British! Once our cart is loaded we make our way across the airport, on the monorail and breeze through car collection. The luggage fits without the obligatory car seat collapse stresses (yes Jo, there’s a first for everything) and our GPS picks up the requisite number of satellites allowing us to navigate our escape in efficient fashion! We text the Hendry-Blum family, who are waiting at Vero, and it’s only a 90 minute drive to meet them! They take our pizza order as we decide we’ve had too long a day to head off out to eat… so it’s a pool pizza party for dinner! Yay!

I admit that I get a tad emotional on arrival at my spiritual home. I might also be even more emotional when I’m greeted with a huge hug from P and meet our soon to be godson R…of course I’m always emotional when I get to catch up with our fabulous American family…that’s A and F too!

Will unloads our car, I check us in and once in the room we appreciate the view.

Natty, Andrea and P take a trip to the ocean…

It’s pizza party time so we don our warmer climate (90 degrees plus) attire and head down to the pool..A makes sure that we have adult beverages too…that’s why we love to travel with these people (just saying)!

Natty, P and R hit the pool whilst F is despatched to Orchid Island for our pizza. Once back, we munch, drink and catch up. Will enjoys sharing his pepperoni creation with R who takes after his godfather when it comes to calorie consumption…

I begin to feel that I’m being eaten alive by bugs (darned no see’ums). I suspect it’s a tad too late is once I collect the bug spray…let’s wait and see…(update – those bugs had a serious feast on my legs 😦 )

As we all tire (Will is getting particularly weary) we head up to our room and after some adult beverages decide it’s time for bed. On opening one of our bags, we appreciate the amount of rain that’s fallen at the airport! It looks like the contents of one of our bags has taken a swim! Our PJs are soaking wet…cue a late night visit to the laundry room where the efficient driers do what they do best! In the meantime, our 5’10” daughter borrows PJs from a 5’1″ Andrea!!! Lord only knows how many times Andrea has to fold over the top of those PJ bottoms but they’re long enough for Natty!!! 

Good night!

PS – Cute kid alert…after the pool, our room was seriously air conditioned. P comes over for a hug goodnight..he exclaims “Aunt Bev is really warm” then comes back for huge hugs that go on far an age! I don’t mind sharing my warmth with this kid!

Day 0 – We finally get away from home!

July 9, 2017

So, I left you with the image of a sad little Albus being left alone at the cattery…think poor orphan Annie in cat form and you can understand our feelings as we drove home to complete our packing! On the upside, he did score a fancy double penthouse suite…he best appreciate that!

I won’t bore you with updates on packing, weighing and repacking…but safe to say that by the time Will arrives home from work we are almost done. Will adds the obligatory pile of electronics and cables (so yes, more weighing) and then (despite a few cross words) we successfully jenga the luggage into the car, lock up and head down the road. 

We must be getting real good at this as we don’t have to turn around and come back home at all…not once! And now I’m by the pool at Vero and so far nothing appears to be missing! After calling in on my mum we cross the city and head across the Snake for our first flights out of Manchester in many years. We are greeted by the friendly farmer, Mr Schofield (and his huge Alsatian dogs, which despite looking very scary are the sweetest puppies) and are soon on our way to the gorgeous Raddison Blu hotel. Check in is a breeze (but finding a luggage cart less so…cue a few more cross words…we are travelling as a family remember with seriously head strong people) and our room is great! It feels even better that it’ s cost nothing due to some soon to expire American Airlines airmiles!

We relax,  watch a bit of TV and I check that our online check in has worked ok before we hit the hay!

Good night!

Day 0 – The day has finally arrived!

July 7, 2017

So, the day starts with a little lie in…and tea in bed delivered by my lovely hubby before he heads off to work (I can assure you that I don’t think he is so lovely when it comes to packing the car and leaving the house later in the day!)

After a bit of packing and arranging, Natty and I head off to our favourite spa for pretty nails and a bit of a pamper. It’s lovely to catch up with Nikki and actually sit still for a couple of hours! Natty picks a pretty sparkly turquoise for her finger nails, with sparkly purple toes creating an accidental Ariel Disney bound theme! I revert to my holiday pink finger nails and am convinced to go all out on uber sparkly pink toe nails! You’ll not miss my flip flopped arrival people!!

We meet mum, Kate and Alfie briefly, grab a quick lunch and head over to collect some dollars in cash. We finish off with a bit of shopping…because we all appreciate that Natty just doesn’t have enough holiday outfits…

Back at home, we continue to pack and weigh whilst baking hot…daring not to open a window for fear that our little Houdini (aka Albus the cat) makes a bid for freedom! He’s sulking as he’s desperate to go out and play. Eventually we decide it’s best to bag him up and head to the cattery before we lose the fight! With Albus settled (but not looking too impressed) we pop and collect a late delivery then return home to….you guessed it…more packing!